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Gergen Irrigation is an agricultural based irrigation dealer in Dalhart Texas. We specialize in Valley center pivot installation and service in an approximate 60 mile radius.

Valley Center pivots are manufactured in Nebraska for more direct information go to valleyirrigation.com\us.

 We are also committed deeply to servicing our customer base and that means being able to provide service and parts for competitive machines.


The Valley center pivot made its way into the Dalhart area in the late 60’s and quickly became known for its outstanding performance in the irrigation industry. Grant Gergen began his career for the local Valley dealer then known as Peeples Irrigation in early 1988 as part time help and was quickly captivated by how the systems worked and enjoyed being able to have hands on knowledge and experience in helping his area farmers flourish in the field.

In the summer of “88 Grant was given the opportunity to stay on full time and over the years,  became not only the company’s head electrician, but one of the company’s  key employees. Grant has always been intrigued with any kind of new technology and eager to share his knowledge with anyone willing to learn. This proved to be a useful tool as Valmont Industries started paving the way for our growers to utilize not only their natural resources of their land but also time management, and water conservation.

Valley center pivot dealerships have streamlined the ability to do more with less every year and still remain the leader in the industry. With almost everything a grower could fathom, can now be done from the comfort of his home, at the touch of a button.

Grant purchased the dealership in 2005, now operated as Gergen Irrigation, and continues to provide our customers with innovative solutions using the latest technology available. 

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Gergen Irrigation is committed to provide amazing service, with the latest technology and most reliable products on the market. We strive to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions for all their irrigation needs with emphasis on honesty and integrity. Gergen Irrigation will be known for our teamwork and commitment to our customers.